“My mission is: to bring color and light into our world!
And so create a happier world”.

Authentic, enthusiastic, energetic. 15 years of experience with teambuilding and organizing creative workshops for companies and individuals. Josephine has a playful touch. Her role varies from creative coach, live illustrator, facilitator to inspirer. Josephine takes you to the moon and back.

During her 15 years as an entrepreneur, she made many mindmaps of Amsterdam – the city she loves dearly and in which she has guided many people..

In daily life you can bump into Josephine while she’s biking around and drawing the buzz of the city, a museum or green polder. She travels through Europe by bike with her partner Maarten. Her second love is the climbing hall or, preferably, conquering the Spanish rocks. She finds her inspiration in Julia Cameron, her parents, sports and nature.