Live illustrator

A visual for every event

Special event? Add some creativity! As a live illustrator, Josephine creates a visual report of the event. On A4 or BIG format (wall-paper).

New strategy? Big change? A visual and creative process will lead to more understanding and support amongst your participants.


– Better communication: a picture is worth a 1000 words

– A drawing or mind map is immediately clear

– Easy to share on social media. And in your newsletter 🙂

– No debate on who will take notes  and no thick reports

– Handy with the current privacy law; if you are not allowed to take photos, you still have a creative memory of the event.

The result: a colorful, clear report you can frame!


Strategy meeting, think tank, brainstorm, training & seminar, anniversaries and many more special events.

Why do people have trouble listening?

It’s difficult to listen well. This has many causes: work pressure, stress, distraction. Our own brain, our fantasy, ego; so many things that distract us. Humans are visually oriented, so make it easier for your colleagues to listen by creating a colorful visual report. This also offers a basis to start off the next session with!


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